Exclusive: Cutting Formula E’s carbon footprint

The Formula E Championship was conceived as a showcase for the advancement of electric automotive technologies, generating greater interest in the concept and demonstrating that more sustainable technologies are available.

To reinforce this message, Formula E Holdings has collaborated with its partners to ensure that the series is managed in the most sustainable manner, with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

As the official logistics partner of the Championship, DHL have played a key role in minimising the carbon impact of Formula E as the series travels the globe to deliver electric racing to an ever-growing audience.

On the eve of the 2015/16, DHL spokesperson Daniel McGrath discusses how the logistics business is aiding Formula E in fulfilling its goals of sustainability:

TS: How has DHL offset the carbon emissions from Formula E’s inaugural season?

DM: DHL offers customers the option of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions generated by the transport of their shipments through our portfolio of certified climate protection projects.

For example, our own wood stove project in Lesotho, which is audited by an independent third party – the Societe Generale de Surveillance.

Formula E has opted to address firstly carbon reporting through the FIA Institute Carbon Offset Initiative. Our sustainability focus in transporting Formula E around the world has been on achieving the most carbon efficient solution possible, while ensuring that the championship itself runs smoothly and on time.

TS: Is DHL planning to further increase the efficiency of its Formula E operations to enhance the sustainability of the 2015/16 series?

DM: We have already made a good start in our efforts to ensure that the logistics platform of the championship is efficient. According to our estimates, we have been able to service around 60% of the championship’s requirements with ocean freight in season one.

Our motorsports team has been able to apply their specialist expertise to ensure that cargo has been packed with a high density, and based on consultation with us, the championship schedule was designed in a way that allowed cargo to travel from race to race (and to hold consecutive races within the same region) without returning to the teams’ home base between races.


TS: With the calendar set to expand significantly in coming seasons, how will DHL support Formula E in keeping its carbon footprint to a minimum?

DM: Formula E’s schedule for future seasons will most likely be dictated first and foremost by the agreements they conclude with the respective host cities, and the flexibility those cities have with regard to race days.

Our consultation helped Formula E to rationalize the approach to the order of races; the timing between races and the movement of cargo between races, and we are sure that they will apply a similar logic to their planning in the future.

At the same time, whatever the schedule, we will be working with them and using our creativity and experience to ensure that the carbon emissions are minimized.


TS: Are there any innovations or other areas where DHL would like to see more done to improve the sustainability of the sport?

DM: We believe that Formula E has already had a great impact in its first season and has helped to raise awareness around the world both of sustainability and of electric vehicles while providing an exciting, high quality entertainment product.

They have achieved a lot against a very ambitious plan in an exceptionally short period of time. With this in mind, we are absolutely convinced that what we’ve seen is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more innovation and increased sustainability still to come in the coming years, as the championship evolves further and grows.


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