How Twitter Moments will impact motorsport

Just an hour ago Twitter launched its latest innovation at a critical time for the company, offering a clearer understanding of how the social media platform will evolve over the coming year and the potential that its new service will offer.

But how will Twitter Moments impact on motorsport on social media?

Attracting a bigger audience

While Formula E, Moto GP and Rallycross have been quick to realise the potential of social media to brand and fan engagement, more established series like F1 have considerably lagged behind the competition, having failed to realise the potential.

Twitter’s Moments will greatly appeal to the latter, as it is designed to support Twitter’s move towards being a news platform comprised of both user and media content.

While Moments will function in the same way as Discover and Trends, it will pull together key headlines on a current event, with a range of content that has been compiled by select editors working for Twitter.

As such, this will allow teams, drivers, fans and organisers to reach a wider audience faster than even. While hashtags have fulfilled this function for some time, Moments will provide much needed clarity and avoid the speculation or mis-information that can afflict the former.

As F1’s TV audience continues to dwindle, this approach could be a way to draw a more reluctant audience on to Twitter who will use it exclusively as a news-gather tool, initially at least.

Fast feedback

Moments, as the name suggests, will enable users to engage in a single incident in a more focused and attentive way – essentially following that incident as it unfolds.

From crashes to penalties, and fan feedback to news updates, gaining feedback and gauging public opinion on the latest incidents will be easier than before thanks to the condensed approach.

This will enable the media to more readily understand public opinion on the latest decisions and updates, while teams will be able to tailor their content to ensure that they are maximising opportunities to engage fans and sponsors.

In this way, it presents a great opportunity for FOM and the FIA to provide the increased transparency that F1 so gravely needs.

Twitter Moments certainly isn’t the revolution that Periscope or other innovations have provided, but it is a concerted effort to consolidate a valuable tool into a more focused platform that will support better marketing, media and business decisions.

What are the drawbacks?

Having just been introduced, it is still hard to gauge the response of Twitter users to the latest service from the company.

The approach of utilising a group of editors to compile the content will provide an element of quality control, which will certainly appeal to brands, but it may make individual users feel isolated from the process – particularly given the popularity of the platform with bloggers.

Following the appointment of its new (and former) CEO, Jack Dorsey, we can certainly expect more changes over the coming weeks. Expanding the number of characters available, as well as making links and photos exempt from the famous 140 character limit, are mooted to be introduced in the  next month.

Expect more soon.

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