Newey working on Aston Martin hypercar

Following the news that Aston Martin is in talks with Red Bull over a potential F1 tie-up, Autocar has revealed that Adrian Newey has already teamed up with the British supercar manufacturer to design the ‘ultimate hypercar’.

It is expected that the proposed car will be designed to take on the current range of advanced hypercars, such as the McLaren P1 GTR and the Ferrari FXX K, and will likely go on sale around 2018.

Sources close to the deal have insisted that the partnership does not automatically mean that the two companies will work together in F1, as Newey’s deal with Aston Martin falls under a partnership with Red Bull Technologies – not its sister company Red Bull Racing.

Should the F1 deal go ahead, it is expected that Newey’s road car project would utilise Mercedes power and electronics technology.

It is believed that Newey’s car would not be linked to the current Vulcan limited-edition supercar, with the designer eager to keep the two projects separate.

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