Driver aids ban looms for F1

As we await the result of the latest F1 Strategy Group meeting, inside sources have suggested that the team bosses taking part are aiming to fast-track new tyre regulations and a clampdown on driver aids.

The group is eager to make an impression on the sport after the last meeting provided very few practical outcomes – with even the decision to implement refuelling later overturned.

With growing disquiet amongst fans, the Strategy Group is believed to be working on ideas to improve the show for 2016, a year earlier than their original focus. A ban on driver aids, such as computer-assisted starts and oversharing of radio information are expected to result.

Jean Todt spoke with earlier this week to discuss the issue: “Once we had launch control which was banned, probably we need to get less sophisticated technology to make sure that we have the means for less predictable starts.”

“In a way, I don’t have all the know-how. So I need to have people to work out how to reduce as much as possible the driver aids: which is a mandate I keep giving.”

“If they come back to me about what to do, I am happy to make sure that it will be introduced. So if we make a kind of list of specific parameters to reduce driver aids, we can apply that immediately.”

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