New chance for New Jersey race

Reports have emerged that Bernie Ecclestone has met with the promoters of the proposed New Jersey Grand Prix to discuss resurrecting the event.

Originally billed for the 2013 season, and later included on the provisional calendar for the following year, the planned event was dogged by investment issue which caused its collapse.

It is known, however, that Ecclestone is eager to add the 5.2km circuit to the F1 calendar, utilising the glamourous Manhattan skyline backdrop to increase interest from the key American market. It is rumoured that he even organised a loan to get the project off the ground.

Yet despite very little news over the last 12 months, reports that Ecclestone met with New Jersey Grand Prix event promoter, Leo Hindery Jr, at the Canadian Grand Prix to discuss how the project could be revived:

Ecclestone commented: “He’d like to see that race happen. We’ll have a look and see what we can do for him.”

Referring to past financial arrangements with Hindery, Ecclestone commented: “He doesn’t owe us anything.”

It is unlikely that the race will take place any sooner than 2017, but with Ecclestone actively pursuing this long-term goal it is likely we will hear more about the New Jersey Grand Prix in the coming months.

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