F1’s future announced

Formula 1 has set out its strategy for improving the show of the sport over the coming years, as details begin to emerge from the latest Strategy Group meeting which took place in Biggin Hill yesterday.

With much media attention focused on how the sport will improve the spectacle for fans, social media has been alight in response to plans to reintroduce refuelling and other measures to make cars up to 5-6 seconds faster by 2017.

Below is the official press release issued by the FIA 24 hours after the meeting took place, outlining the proposed sporting changes for the next two seasons.

Sadly, at a time when costs are continuing to rise for teams, the reintroduction of refuelling is likely to increase their spend further, and has also met with widespread criticism from many fans who believe it will result in much for the overtaking taking place off the track.

I am also saddened that so little has come from this meeting, or that of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, other than a fan survey. More attention needs to be paid to providing fans with a voice and promoting greater interaction with them.

Unfortunately this rather smacks of F1 proscribing what fans will have, rather than taking the time to listen to them before taking more beneficial actions.

F1 press release

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