Formula E cars to be faster and more aggressive in 2015/16

Fans can expect to see ‘significantly’ faster cars in the second season of Formula E according to the sport’s CEO Alejandro Agag.

As highlighted in a previous article, the technical regulations will be steadily opened up over the coming seasons, starting with the powertrain in 2015/16. Speaking to Autosport magazine, Agag acknowledged that a conservative approach was taken to ensure the reliability of cars in the inaugural season at the cost of overall performance, but that a more aggressive approach will be adopted for future seasons:

“This season the teams have learned so much about how to manage a race and what they need to get more out of the cars. They are all working hard on how they can beat each other, and that competition is only going to get more serious when the manufacturers come in”.

“For this season we had to produce 40 cars in a short space of time, so we had to be cautious with the performance. But this is just a starting point.”

It is likely that teams will focus on developing low-end power to aid more rapid acceleration, rather than extending overall top speed. This would increase the spectacle for TV audiences, and current track designs rarely feature long enough straights to challenge the top speed of cars.

Furthermore, with the technology designed for use in future electric road cars – predominantly used in urban environments – better acceleration is likely to have greater appeal to consumers than unachievable top speeds.

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