An eight year old’s perspective on Formula E

A piece from my little brother, offering his views on Formula E’s first season – this artcile was written for the Trulli Formula E team and is published with their permission. Check out the original here.

From the very outset Formula E has sought to attract young fans, with Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, stating in 2013 that “we want young people to watch these races and want to go out and buy an electric car”.

At the mid-point of Formula E’s inaugural season, we asked our special reporter, eight year old Jack Spencer, to offer an insight into how well the sport has captured the imagination of its younger supporters.

Bringing Star Wars to the streets

Formula E is a very cool sport, and the cars look awesome. I love the way they sound, which reminds me of the podracers in Star Wars, and that you can hear the tyres squealing as they go round the corner. There were lots of times at the last race in Miami that I thought one of the cars would slide off the track because they were squealing so loudly.

My dad and I were really shouting at the TV when we watched the last few laps of the Miami ePrix. I really like the races but next year I’d like to see longer laps so we can have even more action and overtaking.

I also think the FE School Series is a really great idea and I would love to build a car to race with my school for next year. I think it’s really important that they teach us about why new technology can help us live our lives in a more environmentally friendly way, and it would be so exciting to drive a car that you have made on an actual race track.

We are taught a lot in school about protecting the environment, particularly how important it is to make sure we are living as greenly as possible. I think in the future we will all drive electric cars so that we don’t harm the planet, and it is very cool to see that electric cars can be so fast and so fun. My favourite car is the BMW i8, and it looks awesome as the safety car.

I have never been to see a motorsport race live, but I hope to see the Formula E cars racing when they come to Battersea later this year and can’t wait to see and hear the cars up close. I hope that in the future I might be able to drive for the Trulli team in Formula E around the streets of Liverpool, where I live.

Formula E is my favourite new sport and I can’t wait to see the next race in Long Beach.

Jack Spencer

Jack Spencer


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